Thursday, April 23, 2009

We’re tired

Just a quick note asking for prayer for Denita and I. We’re both tired.  I haven’t been sleeping quite as well the last couple of nights (waking up at about 4:3 am). And so ! feel a little dizzy from time to time throughout the day.  But, that’s not really what concerns me.  I am especially concerned about Denita.  It’s been a tough last few months for her.  Can you spare a few minutes today to uphold her in prayer?  Thanks. 


Matthew said...

praying for you guys today!

Glenn Penner said...


Felix said...

In my childhood, there was a book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez 100 Years of Solitude. There, among other adventures of the Macondo villagers, they started to lose sleep. At first they were excited about it, because they got more free time. They cleaned their yards after the usual daily work, they started to read more and communicate, and everything would have been fine, because they lived 24 hours a day, but they also started to lose memory. The longer they suffered from the insomnia, the stronger the amnesia grew. Then Macondo citizens had to stick notes on things not to forget their names. They would write something like "This is a book " or “this is a kettle”. Yet the memory loss continued, so they had to write longer explanation for the existing things. Thus, they would write on a cow: “This is a cow, it needs to be milked every morning to get the milk one has to add to coffee!"

And so no one forgets, a great inscription was made in the middle of the village: God exists!

When the "long-awaited insomnia" comes, on the one hand, I am excited, and on the other hand, I am scared. Every cause has its effect in this world – if you get a night that is good for working, then you are losing a day, the next day. Earlier I used to work more at night, now I grow tired during the day, although at night the thoughts are clearer. And the phone is not ringing. At night one can write books. But that must mean that I will have to sleep during the day. I wish it could be arranged so that there is always enough time for everything. Enough for work, enough for prayer, enough for a hobby, enough time for everything and always well-balanced like the vitamins in a dog chow.

Glenn, your wonderful SMS was yet another proof of how close to heaven you are. When one sits on the bottom of a well and all of a sudden there is a bright-azure window opening and there is a text message coming from it that says – Hey, friend, would you like to pray together?

There is no way of knowing how our word will echo, - one of the best Russian poets Fyodor Tyutchev wrote many dozens of years ago. Surely, we can’t tell what we are going to say and how we will say, or to whom and when – yet God manages all of this. The birds do know when they should come back from foreign land, because God manages them, and so he manages our words and deeds around here.