Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Can you help me develop a “preachers pack”?

As part of my responsibility with The Voice of the Martyrs, I am working on developing what we are calling a “preachers pack” – a downloadable file containing resources that would help church leaders preach and/or teach on the persecution of Christians around the world.  I am considering including such things as:

  • testimonies of persecuted believers, both historical and contemporary
  • pictures with stories that can be integrated into a Powerpoint presentation
  • a brief biblical theology of persecution
  • suggested passages that can be preached on
  • some basic facts on persecution in the world today
  • a printable prayer map
  • prayer suggestions
  • links to high-res videos that can be shown in a meeting
  • links to various online and downloadable resources

As a former pastor, I know that I rarely ever referred to the persecuted except in a context of being thankful for our freedoms in Canada. I am ashamed of that now and wish that I had been both challenged and equipped to preach on persecution. 

If you are a church leader or teacher, can I ask you to give me some suggestions as to what you think would be helpful?  You can use the comments section on this post or email me using our mission contact form. I am really looking for help with this and would be grateful to hear from some of you.  I posted a similar blog on the mission weblog, but thought that maybe someone who checks out this one might have some ideas too! Thanks!


Ken said...


I met your mother and brother in Edmonton at the recent conference. I am again related to Werner at Didsbury.
I think a pastor's pack is a great idea. I am a pastor and through the work of VOM God has placed a compassion in my heart for brothers and sisters paying a great price for loving Jesus. I try to do several things: keep reading books and your newsletter regularly. Then remembering them in my prayers. Further, I frequently use stories from this information in my teaching times in the church to illustrate genuine faith. So, to assist pastors I would appreciate an ongoing list of good books both past works and new publications plus a resource of different models for involving the congregation of all ages in meaningful prayer. Sharing creative ideas could help us all.
Glenn, may continue to give you and Denita courage and strength for the days ahead.

In Christ,

Glenn Penner said...

Thanks for the thumbs up on the idea. Excellent suggestions! I will add them to the list.