Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday in the blogs


Been having fun today blogging (see my two posts today on on intolerance in the name of human rights and the limits of statistics and my earlier post on this blog).  My daughter says that I am on a blogging frenzy.  I think it might be the prenisone.  As I was saying to Denita at dinner, though, there really isn't much else that I can do on a Saturday.  I can't help much around the house given my low stamina levels, even if I were so inclined to.  A walk around the block?  Not likely.  Can't you just see me dragging an oxygen bottle around, with a cane, shuffling to the end of the driveway and then back again because I have run out of energy.  Shopping?  See above, same scenario.

monkey-bloggingI am still feeling pretty good though, for which I am grateful.  I did get another transfusion yesterday.  My blood levels were a bit concerning. My platelets have dropped below normal and my white blood cells levels are above normal, which says that my immunity is lowered and my cancer is on the increase.  Still, I have decided to be more concerned with how I am feeling than on what my blood levels are.  The one effects the other, of course. But fixating on the medical records can be a tad disheartening and tends to make that the centre of my life rather than my real priorities (which is what my earlier blogs reflect).  I know that many of you check this blog more to find out more about how I am doing health-wise. I do appreciate that and I will keep you informed that way.  But please do read my other things too.  They reflect the real me, the things I want to be defined by rather than by cancer and blood levels.


Matthew said...

us denizens of the blogosphere certainly appreciate the work you do blogging-- it's very informative and challenging! I'm praying for you, especially that God bless your work wherever you do it and however much you are able to do.

Glenn Penner said...

Thanks, Matthew. Now it's time for me to close down before my wife kills me for being on the computer all day :-)