Saturday, April 18, 2009

Not a good day to go to MissionFest

MissionFest Toronto is taking place this weekend here in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and I had really hoped to go today.  I was scheduled to lead one of the Master Seminars on the “W5 of Persecution” (who, what, where, when, why).  This was the kind of invitation that I had been hoping for for several years.  Sadly, as many of you know, my health has taken a dive over the past couple of months and we had to start making backup plans for the various speaking engagements and trips that I was booked for (including this weekend). 

Greg Musselman, my friend and colleague, graciously agreed to fly in from Edmonton to take the seminar for me and I have complete confidence that he will do a great job.  Greg is a dynamic speaker who has travelled extensively on behalf of the mission as our Chief Communications Officer.  He brings a very personal touch to the issue of Christian persecution, whereas I tend to bring a more academic approach.  We’re a good team that way.

I had hoped that perhaps I might be able to come to the seminar anyway, to provide support for Greg and to be available to make a contribution if I could.  But earlier this week, I had an inkling that I shouldn’t plan on going.  I felt fine but a combination of this uneasy feeling and the knowledge that my immune system wasn’t functioning at its best led me to call Greg and tell him that I would not plan to attend after all. 

I’m glad that I made that decision because I am feeling less that 100% today.  Tired, a little light-headed with a touch of the sniffles….  All in all, it’s best that I stay put and pray for my buddy today rather than venturing out.  I suspect that this is the best way that I can support Greg anyway!

From what I understand from our staff who have been there, MissionFest is going great. So if you live in the GTA, make sure to get out there this weekend and say Hi to our staff.  We are at location P6.

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