Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fourth good day in a row

Feeling pretty good today.  In fact, it's the fourth good day that I have had in a row.  While I still need to go for another transfusion tomorrow (my hemoglobin counts are only at 73 today), I suspect that my drug regiment must be about right now.  Am now taking 50 mg prednisone daily, plus a small amount (.5 ml) of morphine every four hours (for some reasons they have found that small does of morphine are really helpful for breathing), and regular use of Advair. Altogether, they seem to be doing the trick.  I have also learned a few breathing tricks like not talking and walking at the same time, making sure that the shower is not too hot, and making sure not to scrunch my shoulders up around my ears (a common thing for those who are having problems breathing to do). Of course, one must not count out the goodness of God, who gives strength to the weak.  I resist the temptation to pull the Lord's work in my life separately from the doctor's work.  I think that two work in tandem. 

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samthemacman said...

Hi Glenn:
Lori (my wife) and I were at the Mississauga conference last week. We were touched by your DVD presentation. We wanted to write to you a letter of encouragement. I would still like to send you a letter by email, and if this is possible, just send me an email at my email address, and I will send you a letter.

Our family journeyed a path of great trial and suffering when our first born daughter Carragh battled Leukemia for 7 years and graduated to glory at age 9 in December of 1993. She was one of the most influential Christians in my life and the lives of many she touched, through her resilient faith in the midst of suffering. We saw the grace of God in so many incredible ways in our journey with Carragh, and since her graduation, God continues to open avenues where we can share the love and grace and peace of Christ with others, simply because we have walked the path of suffering.

Lori and I just want to encourage you and let you know that we pray for you and our house church will continue to pray for you and your whole family.

You are in our hearts and in our prayers. I wish we could have met you last week. We live in Waterloo. I would like to become a volunteer, and especially promote VOM and its ministry among the house churches in our growing network of house churches in Ontario.

God bless you Glenn. My daughter Carragh once said, "It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness." She was a person full of faith and hope in Christ Jesus. You continue to exhibit that same passion and resilience. Lord Jesus, draw close to my brother Glenn today, and open wide your arms of love, and release the grace he needs for today, and pour out your Spirit afresh upon him and grant him your peace. Lord Jesus, my desire is for my brother to remain with us, and to be made strong so that he could be effective for you and be with his family, but we know that we rest in your will and not our will, so Lord we yield to your sovereign grace and mercy, and we place both Glenn's life and my own, into Your tender love care, and we bless the name of Jesus, our elder brother, who is with us in the midst of every trial and every moment of suffering and in each exhilarating joy that You o Lord bring to us. Blessed be Your Name. Amen and Amen.