Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Update on Glenn's health

Well, we really didn't learn anything new today when we went into Toronto to start treatment on dealing with the clot in my liver apart from the fact that these things tend to dissolve on their own and the injections I take twice a day are to prevent further ones from developing. Too bad I had to go all the way downtown to learn that! But at least we are feeling a little more at ease about it all.

Unfortunately, however, we got also got a call from Credit Valley Hospital saying that they hadn't yet received a referral from Princess Margaret concerning my cancer treatment. Ah yes, efficiency at its best. So, we have left a message (you rarely get to talk to anyone in person) at Princess Margaret telling them of this. Hopefully they will get off their duff and get going on this. We are getting a little anxious to get the ball rolling.

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