Friday, August 1, 2008

Latest Email Update from Denita

Here is the latest email update from Denita (that's my wife, for those who don't know. My hero...)

Well...we found out today that Credit Valley won't be able to accomodate Glenn, so we'll be going back to Princess Maragret. Glenn has an appointment on Aug. 11, so hopefully we'll be able to give you a more detailed update then. On Wednesday we went to Toronto General to get Glenn started on the blood thinner shots. He is giving himself 2 shots each day and will have to continue that for six months. We are thankful that we have extended health insurance. Without it, we would have to pay over $1500 each month. As it is, it is costing us a bundle. Oh well...that's life.

By the way, Glenn has set up a blog sight to record his thoughts on this journey he is on. If any of you are interested in reading his blogs, you can find them at

More to come in a couple of weeks....


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Phil Hostetter said...

I have been following you and your husband's health rollercoaster ride over the last couple months kindness of Harvey Fretz. Be assured of my prayers in your behalf.

Phil Hostetter, Rock Haven Brother!