Monday, July 21, 2008

Cancer update

Here is an email that my wife, Denita sent out to our friends earlier today:

Just got back a bit ago from clinic. While all the tests results still aren't back, we found out today the "plan of action" for Glenn's treatment. The doctor told us today that the first thing we have to do is get the cancer under control. That will be done by chemo. Depending on how Glenn responds to the chemo and what the final results of the tests are, will determine the next course of action. Some of the possibilities are:

- antiobiotic treatment with steroids
- taking some of Jim's lymphocyte cells and putting them in Glenn with the hope that Jim's cells will fight the cancer
- another transplant

For now, we have graduated from Princess Margaret Hospital and will be transferring back to Credit Valley. We are happy about that as we will save alot of time and money in parking and gas. We do not know when chemo will start as we are waiting to hear from the doctors at Credit Valley as to when they can fit Glenn in. It is nice to know what we are facing now and now that we have a course of action, Glenn is anxious to get going. He is determined, with God's help, to fight this and win.

Please pray that we'll be able to get going on the process soon. Thanks for all your prayers, kind notes, and words of encouragement. We hang on to the fact that God is in control and He has a perfect plan for all our lives.

I'll keep you informed as things develop. Till next time.....


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