Saturday, July 19, 2008

A new blog

Blogging is a part of my CEO responsibilities at The Voice of the Martyrs, but occasionally there are things that I would like to share that have little or nothing to do with the persecution of Christians. This reflects in no way upon how I view my ministry (and I do see it as that; not a job). But other things strike me from time to time. Also within my renewed battle with cancer, I think it might be better to talk here than on the mission's blog site from time to time. I never want that to become the centre of what I do at VOM.

So, every now and then I will probably make some comments here. Often, I suspect, it will be about things I read in the news (I am a news junkie). Sometimes it will be about my health. Other times, I may touch upon other stuff like Guinness or Hockley Valley Dark (my favorite ales). Or maybe some of my interests like leadership, theology, or educational theory. Maybe this blog will help you to see me as more than just the "persecution" guy.


Todd said...

So let me get this have interests OUTSIDE of VOMC? You are not consumed by office issues 24 hours a day?

I am shocked! SHOCKED! How can you live with yourself?

I also look forward to a post that somehow ties Guiness and theology and news into a cogent thought!

Glenn Penner said...

Yeh, isn't that a shocker!!