Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Waiting for my flu shot

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Anonymous said...

Hey there.
If I could refer back to a comment I made back a few days ago... if you go stand in a lineup for 4 hours to get that flu shot in public do you really think that you can hold your breath that long? Lineups here are about 4 hours and then they run out. One funny thing happened here though... a friend of mine thought he was supposed to go to the hospital for the shot... it was for health workers only but when they asked if he worked in a private clinic he said yes...which he sort of does... private physio clinic for WCB so they gave him his shot without a second glance ... so saying all this ...they have the shots in the hospitals for the workers ... perhaps you could convince them that the risks are to high for the other option???
If not PLEASE Brother wait until the lineups decrease... maybe a different option will show up and you won't have to chance it.
Sorry Glenn but if you go into those long lineups with 2000 coughing, sneezing, nose dripping people I'm going to have you institutionalized."rubber room" BTW it's your nephews b-day today... poor guy has to share his birthday with a bunch of kids dressed in costumes running around in a candy induced craze at preschool today. Jacob went as a dog...told him with the flu going around -NO licking, biting, and definately NO other bad habits "man's best friend" may exhibit from time to time. Just barking is allowed... funny - he got on the bus and barked at the driver...think she almost fell out of her seat laughing at him.
I'll try to download the camera and send everyone some pictures.
Anyways glad to see you looking well- talk to you soon
love you all