Thursday, October 29, 2009

Haemoglobin continues to rise

My blood tests today were a real surprise to me and to my doctor as my haemoglobin levels continue to rise, meaning that my bone marrow is continuing to produce red blood cells.  Today’s levels were at 107, as compared to 97 last week.  The doctor simply said, “I don’t understand why!”

I certainly give the credit to the prayers that so many of you continue to bring before the Lord on my behalf. Thanks so much!  Now I don’t have to go back for two weeks! Will be nice to have a break for a week.

As for the H1N1 shots, I am going to wait a few days until hopefully the current panic calms down and the line-ups become more manageable. The idea of waiting for 4-5 hours in crowds with coughing kids just seems to me to be a foolish thing for an immuno-compromised person to be asked to do.  What annoys me is how the Health Minister actually said that she was glad to see these line-ups, as it was an indication that people were taking the risk seriously.  I see it as a sign that they didn’t plan on how to handle the high risk patients first.  Right now they are allowing any Tom, Dick or Henry to line-up with their families, regardless of age, leaving those of us who were supposed to get the shots first waiting in the shadows hoping that we don’t get sick before we can finally shuffle in and get the shot.


Jim said...

I agree completely on the H1N1 thing. I think we can see the politician's attitude toward it in the likes of Hedy Fry and others who are calling for their own private clinic on parliament hill so they don't have to mix with the commoners. After all, they shake hands with people, so they should be the priority!

Glenn, we are over-joyed with you on our blood levels! This is the best news you could have given us.

Anonymous said...

In our case it's even more frustrating. Without appearing racial I'll attempt to tell you why. In our area we have alot of foreign workers which go back to Mexico every winter. Well it appears that their minivans are packed up and they head for their free shots on their way by. I agree with protecting our precious children no matter what race they are but it's difficult to watch certain groups take advantage of "the system" with little or no respect for those around them. Oh well...we just stand back and watch and wait... it just spooks me when I get calls telling me to go pickup my lil one at school because he has a fever and cough. What ever happened to going to the schools, clinics, health care centers etc... nope lets run everyone through the same gaunlet-in our case the community centre kinda like playing Russia Roulette. Hope you got some of the pictures sent. Today is CANDY fest day... we're hoping to pay for Jacob's post secondary education as the local dentists are paying $1.00/ lb for candy.
BTW - glad to hear about your blood...perhaps you're turning into a bat at night and flying around...oh never mind. Just tell Denita to get some garlic...
love ya

Remi said...

Father, we bless you for this wonderful work you are doing as per the rise in the bllod levels of your precious servant. Thank you for your grace and mercy on us. Thank you because when you, our Great Physician is at work, your dedicated ones called to partner with you in the medical profession here below cannot but acknowledge that YOU are at work. We truly bless you, our God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Keep manifesting yourself in the lives of Glenn Penner family to the glory of your Name.Amen