Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Glenn Penner: The Final Journey

Recently Cheryl Weber of 100 Huntley Street did an interview with me (which will air this Friday) regarding my seven year battle with cancer and how working with the persecuted church has impacted and been impacted by that.  I am amazed and humbled by the end result.  Cheryl has captured my heart exactly in this interview and the legacy that I hope to leave behind.    On behalf of my myself and my entire family, I want to thank Cheryl for this incredible gift.

You can also view this video on our multimedia site www.persecution.tv!


nada said...

Amen... a great segment for sure. It makes me sad, but also makes me happy....just call me bipolar ;) Love ya Glenn and I'll be posting it on the blog soon.


Todd said...

Glenn: they did a great job! I'm blessed by your spirit, and what a great testimony of how connection with persecuted Christians blesses us here in North America!

Ken said...

Bless you Glenn,
At a time when so many are disgruntled and upset with the challenges or even just discomforts of living, you have demonstrated a loving and courageous persistence to keep making life count. At this thanksgiving time, may people be thankful that I have lived and made a difference also.


pbbcc said...

Thanks Glenn. Your story is a great gift of encouragement to all who suffer. May the God of all compassion continue to be with you and your family in these days.