Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday night update

Well, it’s Monday night and I’m sitting here watching television, which isn’t uncommon for me on a Monday.  Some of my favorite shows are (CSI: Miami, House, and Lie to Me) all on Monday night.  Frustratingly enough, we are into reruns already but thankfully my memory is so poor that I often forget the basic story lines and so I can usually rewatch them again without too much boredom.

How am I feeling?  Still feeling pretty good, though I am not going to the office because others on staff have colds and that is about the last thing I need right now.  Besides most of what I need now is now here at my home office. Tomorrow I plan to rewrite the section of my book on Philemon.  I’ll probably post it online on the theology of persecution research website. Should be fun!   

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Alicia said...

I was wondering why all of the shows I enjoy are on re-runs (House, CSI, NCIS, Mentalist, Criminal Minds... geez, it's a trend...) so I looked it up. Apparently November is the month when numbers are screened for advertising purposes to find out how the shows ratings are doing. That means in October (and a couple of other months) they hold off on the new shows to make people want to watch the new episodes "next time" when their ratings actually count.

How underhanded...