Thursday, May 21, 2009

Update from the “haemoglobinally” challenged

Just had to invent a new word today and "“haemoglobinally” seemed as good as any.

Anyway, here’s the latest on my health.  I have been having a tough couple of days, feeling really tired and worn out.  While part of it might be the fact that my haemoglobin levels were back to where they were last week at this time (77) despite the transfusion, it is also probably partly due to the increased heat and humidity that we are having here weather-wise.  I remember now how I had a harder time breathing last summer but had forgotten how humidity, in particular, affects me this way.  So, I’ll just have to slow down and turn on the AC to dry the air out.

Tomorrow I go and get another couple of units of blood and then we’ll see on Monday if I should get another transfusion earlier next week.  It is a bit concerning if the transfusions start to be ineffective.  We have been noticed my platelet levels drifting downwards as well.  This could be a sign that my bone marrow is increasingly failing to produce what I need.  So, your prayers would be appreciated.  It has been nice having a bit of a reprise over the last 2-3 months health-wise.  I would really like to last a little longer, of course.

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blarcher said...


Thanks for sharing in your blog. I don't get to reading it regularly, but then I binge and catch up.

Our prayers are with you in your journey.

Brian and Diana Archer