Thursday, May 28, 2009

There’s no place like home… really, there isn’t

Like most people, there are things about one's hometown that you both love and cringe about; little quirks and idiosyncrasies that make home, home. My home town is Didsbury, Alberta, a town of about 5,000 located 40 miles north of Calgary.  It’s a rather pleasant town with mostly pleasant people.  Both Denita’s and my parents live there.  But it does do some strange things from time to time….

Things like having the road sign directing people to the Didsbury cemetery having another sign underneath that reads "No Exit."  At least this is an improvement over the old sign that read... "Dead End."

And then there is Didsbury's quirky Bylaw 2007-10 that seeks to control cats in town (an impossible task if I ever heard of one). The bylaw sets out the offences and responsibility of the cat owner and the various acts that are forbidden to cats in Didsbury. Cats may not run at large, defecate on public or private property, bite or attack people, or wander about without a collar and tag. But then there is Part 3,2,f which makes me absolutely love my hometown. Hereby let it be known that the town council has officially forbidden cats in Didsbury, Alberta from stalking or killing birds on public or private property. How they intended to enforce it or if any cats or their owners have yet been prosecuted under this enlightened bylaw is still up in the air. With the birds.

And then, the fait accompli.  Just this morning, my brother Jim sent me the latest sign that he had seen on the road in my beloved hometown.

whatdayOkay… so the point is… what other options are there?? 

There’s no place like home… really there isn’t!


china18 said...

The sign is made me think twice... what does that mean?! no, i got it!

terri said...

That is so funny!!