Thursday, May 28, 2009

Approved for oxygen supply

I was relieved to finally get notice today that we have been approved for another 9 months of funding for my oxygen and equipment. Praise the Lord!  It really has become a necessity, especially as the air gets more humid in the summer here. I am already finding it harder to breath the last few days. Had to go through a few tests today to show that I really did need it he technician who came to the house today really had no issues with that. She was really very pleasant, as a matter of fact.

Today is also Denita’s and my 26th anniversary.  I can hardly believe she has put up with me that long!! We are celebrating here at home with a special BBQ (cedar grilled salmon).  Also stuffed mushrooms, rice, and green beans and cheesecake (my absolute favorite dessert). The salmon smells great (my office is just off of our patio where the barbeque is).  Of course, it might also be the mushrooms.  Would have been nice to eat outdoors, but it’s been a wet, drizzly day.


Todd said...

Congrats on 26 years!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! I am glad to hear that your oxygen supply will continue. Eunice

Laurel said...

congratulations, Glenn & Denita! :) On 26 years and on continued oxygen!!! God is good on all counts. :)

Tuneman said...

Glenn! This is the first I have heard of your health issues and I am taken aback and am writing to support you, encourage you and pray for and your family. We did not know one another much but I remember your efforts and our partnership at RGM with fondness. Blessings
Tim Underwood