Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Working at the office

Praise God that I have been able to work at the office the last couple of weeks.  It is great to be able to rub shoulders with my favourite group of people in the world; my co-workers here at The Voice of the Martyrs.  I know that a big part of it is the increased prednisone and the oxygen, but I'll take it any way that I can get it.


Marilyn said...

Hi Glenn

Glad to hear that your able to work from the office even tho due to prednisone. Thank God for that drug.I'm glad that your also able to rub shoulders with your coworkers. Don't spare any of them.lol
I'm so happy that your feeling somewhat better.Praise the Lord and I thank Him for that. Keep your spirits up and don't hesitate to take it out on your coworkers.lol I'm just kidding even tho really deep down I'm sure they don't mind.
God continue to give you strength and DON"T OVER DUE IT GLENN. Take it easy and also try to rest.

Praying for you

terri said...

I'm glad you're feeling better!

May God grant you more time of feeling healthy and strong.

May God bless your wife and her care for you.