Friday, March 13, 2009

A good day

Yesterday was a great day.  I was able to attend the entire Religious Liberty Partnership meeting, then go back to office for about 3 hours to meet with friends, colleagues, and a former colleague whom I had not seen in 11 years.  All in all, it was nice having a day that one could really call normal.  And then I had a good sleep on top of everything else!

I am working from home today, just to slow down a bit and to keep me from getting too run down.  Have a couple of articles to write today and dozens of emails to sort through from the past couple of days.  Decided though that I am going to have to cancel or have someone else cover my speaking engagements from this point on.  Just can't count on my health to hold even from to day to day and it's not fair to let folks down the way that I have had to lately. 

Thank you to each of you who have been upholding me in prayer.   May I ask that you please pray for Denita.  She is really tired and I am very concerned about her.  She carries a big load as my wife and as the mother of our kids who are just venturing out into the world (with all of the stuff that comes with that)


Anonymous said...

Dear Glenn,

I am so thankful to read this post. Great that you could join the entire program of the the RLP.
We will definitely continue to pray for Denita, as well as for you and your kids!

In Christ,

Edwin (Holland)

Marilyn said...

Dear Glenn

Praise the Lord that you were able to join the entire program of the RLP. I'm also glad and thankful that you were able to work a bit from the office and visit with the people. I'm glad that you are taking it abit easy and other people doing your speakings.I know it must be hard for you but you need to get stronger and we're praying for that. I'm also praying for Denita.Give her my love and well wishes. God strengthen you both.And may you both have a good and rested night.

Lynn said...

Appreciate your blog updates; praying for you and Denita.


Anonymous said...

Just letting you know they repeated the episode of Faith Journal this evening that you did with Paul Estabrook in the early fall. It was good to see you looking quite well at that point.
I continue to pray for Denita as I know how tired she must be. I realized like I never did before a little of what it means when the Lord said, "My grace is sufficient for you."