Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday morning sunshine

Stayed completely off of the computer yesterday so my apologies to those of you who posted such warm and encouraging comments.   Thank you so much.  I am really blessed to have so many praying and caring.  By the way, yes, I do moderate them, just as I do all with all blogs that I am responsible for.  Not only does it cut back on  the crazies and the spammers but it protects me and VOMC from possible legal action since there is some movement to make blogs responsible for the content of the comments that they allow.  You have no idea just how hateful some people can be.  Thankfully, I don't usually get those on this blog.

But enough of that.  It's Sunday morning and the sunshine is shining nicely into my little office.  I'm not at church as it's just not that possible for me anymore with my immune system being what it is and needing to preserve my energy as much as I can.  Crowd and visitors do tend to wear me out, I am afraid.

I am feeling not too badly this morning, although morning was tough.  I rarely wake up feeling really rested.  Yesterday was not a great day but it was not a bad day.  I suspect that with my new regiment of prednisone (50 mg one day, 7.5 the next), that I won't have the highs and lows that I have been having in recent weeks.  We'll see.  I do suspect that I will need another transfusion this coming week though. I do have one scheduled for Tuesday and I would not be surprised if I need it.  I really have come to appreciate those who donate blood.  If you haven't and you can, why aren't you doing it?  You have no idea whose life you may be saving!


Anonymous said...

They won't take my blood. :-(
Otherwise I'd be there for you buddy! ;-)

Glenn Penner said...

I know, buddy! You're still there for me and it is appreciated