Thursday, February 19, 2009

Working at home today

I'll be working at home again today and probably for the rest of the week.  My immune system is pretty low and so I need to avoid people for the most part.  One piece of good news; I have finally transferred my care from Princess Margaret to Credit Valley Hospital here in Mississauga.  Less than a 1/3 of the distance and a nicer facility.  PMH were brilliant but the travel and the parking costs were killing us.  Tomorrow I go for my first transfusion at CVH. 


Sparkyjo said...

Hi Glenn,
I realize this is your own personal blog but I wasn't sure my comment to your VOM on Feb 14 re DNR was appropriate to post on that website since it didn't have much to do with VOM. I hope thats OK.
You made a comment on that post saying "The lure is to change one’s mind. "You can still change your mind... You don't have to stick by your decisions... You don't have to stay committed... Just back down, embrace your life and live another day."
I just wanted you to know how much that ministered to me. Its been two weeks since I joined Al-anon which is for families of aloholics. I grew up in an alcoholic home then married into one and yet was pretty clueless to what was going on and how sick I myself was from living with an alcoholic (even though he is not an abusive type). Anyways the past two weeks God has been revealing to me lots of truths of whats been going on for years and whats happened to me as a result. It so easy to look for a way out. Leaving the marriage has been on my mind but deep inside I do not feel God is releasing me. I made a commitment 12 years ago and a year ago asked God about that commitment. "Just answer me once and for all," I asked Him and He did very clearly. Marriage is very precious to Him and yet the lure to change one's mind....not sticking to your decisions and you don't have to stay committed. To embrace my life and live. (not biblical at all when I read Matt 10:39)
Anyways my comments are not in the same context about how they applied to your situation but I wanted you to know how your comments ministered to me. You have also inspired me to keep going and stay commited to my areas of service one of which is to pray for persecuted believers as revealed thru VOM. Its really easy when you are in severe pain, whether physical or emotional, to release or excuse yourself from serving others Why would God listen to such a messed up soul like me anyways? but I know thats not how my Father is. So thanks for that too. I've only made a commitment to VOM as a ministry I would be involved with, as God leads, for a short time but I sure have come to appreciate your honesty and integrity and your personality. You are obviously very special to our Lord! God Bless you and I pray His will for you and your family every day through this time. Blessing Spark

Glenn Penner said...

Thank you for your kind comments. Of course, your commeents were appropriate wherever you posted them. Temptation and trials must be dealt with in the same way, regardless of their nature. I am happy that in some small way I encouraged you on your path of faith. Thanks