Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well, had my first transfusion at Credit Valley yesterday.  It was nice that Denita could drop me off and then go to work.  She has lost a lot of work time having to transport me back and forth to downtown Toronto.  When I was almost done, I gave her a call and she came and got me.  I also got my first shot of Eprex yesterday which is supposed to build up my blood, though it may take a few weeks to do so.  Had a cool needle (spring loaded).  I will be receiving weekly shots for a while.

It was nice being at the office for 3 hours yesterday, though I sure was tired by the end.  I have a feeling that I will be working more and more from home until we get this under control (whatever it is).  I had a terrible sleep last night and a rough night, with nausea and a fever.  I just hate the thought of having to go to emergency.  Hopefully, it will clear up as I move around today.  I often feel best seated at my desk in front of my computer.  Odd, eh?


Don said...

I got your blog from Jeremy at CLBI.
They had hoped that I could fill in for you (a 3 day module in March).
While I declined, also for health reasons, I nevertheless wanted to
connect with you. We may be cut from the same cloth.If you have a private e-mail that I could send along further comments that would help.
Don Hall
Okotoks, AB

pvwiebe said...


Our prayers are with you and Denita.

Peter & Verna