Saturday, January 3, 2009

Looking ahead to 2009

As I look ahead to 2009, I do with a degree of apprehension in the face of great opportunity.  I have a number of teaching opportunities opening up that really excite me.  The first is a week in Camrose at the Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute in March. Then we have a 3-day seminar in early June at the mission headquarters in Mississauga. These two I think I can handle.  But I also have the opportunity to participate at a theological consultation in Germany in September.  And then I have been asked to teach for a week in Seoul, South Korea in October.  A few years ago, these would have been no problem at all.  But facing life as I do now, knowing that my health is likely going to continue to deteriorate, I hesitate.  Is it wise?  Is it God's calling or my own love of teaching that compels me?   I do ask for your prayers.

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Anonymous said...

Reading your posts, I realize again that 2009 will be full of twists and turns for you and Denita to navigate. Our love and prayers continue.