Sunday, January 4, 2009


Imagine the following scenario.  A father (let's call him "Hamas") decides to take his family out for a Sunday afternoon drive.  He bundles his wife (let's call her "Hezbollah") and their little children into the car and forbids them to put seatbelts on.  He take off like a rocket down the road, headed directly for a brick wall.  Without slowing down, he crashes into the wall.  He and his wife survive but their little children are killed.  In rage, Hamas and Hezbollah cry out that it is the wall's fault for killing their innocent little babies.

My friends, if you deliberately and recklessly drive your family car into a wall, don't be surprised if someone gets killed.  And don't have the audacity to blame the wall.

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Joel Penner said...

haha, I find this quite amusing!