Saturday, August 29, 2009

Denita’s latest update

Hi.  Just wanted to let you know that David came home from the hospital yesterday.  He is doing much better.  Thanks for your prayers.

Please continue to pray for Glenn.  His breathing seems more laboured lately.  We're thinking it could have a lot to do with the humidity.  As much as I like summer, I am looking forward to having less humidity so we can turn the air conditioner off and have Glenn be comfortable. 

God bless you all for standing with us.



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Oluremilekun said...

May the presence of our Lord Jesus continue to be real you in all that He is allowing to come your way, strengthening you, upholding you and causing His joy to overflow in your hearts in the midst of various upsets. I bless Him for the healing granted David, for the courage and grace in Denita's life, and for the grace granted Glenn in the suffering the Lord has allowed Him to be going through. May you SEE Him continually, and His abiding peace garrison your hearts. May Jesus be forever glorified in your family. Remi