Friday, August 14, 2009

Mixed blessings

Time for my weekly update.

First the good news. For the first time in months, I am able to go two weeks without a transfusion!  My haemoglobin levels were at 80, which is right on the tipping point.  So we decided not to go for one.  Also, my platelets were the same as last week!  This is great, as it means my bone marrow is still pumping out what it needs to.

Now the bad news.  Without going into all of the embarrassing details, I managed to either crack a rib or pull a muscle on the left side of my rib cage as I was laying on the floor of my office on Tuesday night.  This leaves me in quite a bit of pain in the mornings especially.  So, I am now using a little more morphine to cut the pain but not enough to make me foggy (though I was a little drowsy this afternoon).  Only time will heal this.  But it does make breathing and coughing a bit more of a challenge than they already were.

What fun times I have! Always seems to be something.

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