Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blood levels looking great

Today I had the best blood test results that I have had in months!  My haemoglobin levels were at 90 (10 points above what is the tipping point for having to have a transfusion) and my platelets were at 52 (again, quite a bit up from past weeks).  The reason perhaps for my blas√© feelings lately may be an increased blood sugar level which might be a side-effect of the prednisone.  Having been prescribed meds for that, we’ll see if the new drug helps. I am also increasing my oxygen and morphine levels a bit.

Thanks for your prayers on my behalf.  God is at work.


Laurel said...

Hallelujah!!! :)

Jeanette said...

So good to hear about your blood test results. Praise God!!

My husband is diabetic, and feels tired if his blood sugar levels are up, so that makes sense.

We'll keep praying!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Penner - I believe that God would love to take you home already, however, as He looks around in our sorry world today and sees the great need for strong, unwavering and courageous souls like yourself, He has to reluctantly let you stay just a while longer . . . I thank Him (as I know many others do too) for that!

Now don't throw the theology book on me here regarding my comment Mr. Theo-Expert ; - )

So glad to hear you're doing so well!!!!

- Ms. Schloops

Joe Hendricks said...

Glenn, that is WONDERFUl news! (I thought I detected some renewed energy in the recent Tweets).
It is also inspiring for me, as I got news of my own cancer's return yesterday, in the middle of Heidi's metastatic battle. Your blog and tweets will be a majoe source of encourage for me in the rogh ride ahead!
Blessings, Joe