Saturday, September 13, 2008

Slowly moving out again

I am gradually starting to get my courage up again to try traveling.  My experience last May admittedly spooked me.  Having to fly home from Europe in the middle of a trip, being taken right from the airport to the hospital and taking two months to recuperate from a severe case of shingles is enough to make travelanyone anyone swear off leaving home for a while.  And it did do that to me.  I cancelled plans to attend two meetings in London (one last week and another scheduled for a month from now).  Given the uncertainty of my treatment and health, this was probably the wise thing to do, but I feel restless.  And so I am planning on going on vacation next month and have booked a flight to a meeting in Cyprus in November. 

The challenge is to know how to discern between proper and undue caution given my condition.  Sometimes my family, friends and co-workers are helpful; sometimes not.  I do sense that I am doing the right thing in the decisions that I have made as to which trips to go to and which to miss.  I would appreciate your prayers as I try to discern what traveling I should and should not do.

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