Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Latest update from Denita

Thanks for all the prayers.  My head is spinning with all that has happened in the past week.  It's unbelievable the difference one day can make.  As I said in my last email Saturday was a really hard day for Glenn as he suffered from the effects of the steroid they had been giving him.  He didn't have a great night that night and called me quite early Sunday morning asking if I could come down to the hospital.  Overnight (Saturday night) things had gotten worse.  His pneumonia got worse, he developed a fever and his cancer count had gone up.  The doctor told us in the morning that the bronchoscopy test did not show pneumocystis, so he was going to take him off the antibiotics he was on and would put him on a stronger one to see if that would have any affect on the pneumonia.  Glenn slept most of the day on Sunday, and we were pretty worried about him.  When I saw him Monday morning, however, he had a slight fever, but he had had a good sleep during the night and was feeling quite a bit better.  As the day progressed, he continued to improve and today he is better than I have seen him for 2-3 weeks.  The doctor told him this morning that he will be having an x-ray tomorrow and, as the antibiotics have to be given intravenously, if homecare can be arranged to do that, he will probably be able to come home towards the end of this week.  Phew....the roller coaster ride of emotions is incredible!  Anyways, this just confirms to me that prayer is important and so I just want to say again thank you.




Heidi said...

Hurrah and Glory to God. I know He has more for Glenn and you to do to glorify Him on Earth. We will continue in prayer and praise for you.

Anonymous said...

This is a tough road. Isaiah 43: 1 - 3a is a comfort. As we remember that God is faithful and that He cannot lie we can hang our hats on the promise the Lord gave Paul, "My grace is sufficient for you and My stregth is made perfect in weakness." Eunice

Anonymous said...

ALWAYS my prayers are with your family, for strength, endurance,healing, and Gods love in your heart..
thank you for your update

Anonymous said...

Glory be to Jesus! May you continue to experience His love and faithfulness. Love, Comfort