Saturday, September 12, 2009

Breathing not so easily

One would think that with good blood result that I would be feeling batter than I am.  For the second week in a row, my haemoglobin levels are well above what I need for a transfusion (they were identical this week than last).  And my platelet levels have actually increased from last week!  All of this ios great news, as it shows that my body is still creating what I need.

But at the same time, my stamina and lung capacity is markedly worse.  As long as I don’t exert myself much, I’m okay.  But walking, climbing stairs, carrying things even a short distance, exhausts me.  Both yesterday and today I ended up having to take a nap in the morning just to recuperate from rather light exertion.   I am finding that I can only work at the office for half a day now before I have to come home.  I can work from home alright, but that’s because everything is right at arm’s length.

I am going to start some breathing exercises to see if I can’t build some capacity.

Add to that, I am really worried about Denita. She is so tired all of the time.  She needs a rest so badly, 

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