Thursday, July 9, 2009

Transfusion tomorrow

Went for my weekly check-up and blood test today. First the good news: my platelet counts continue to rise, which means that my bone marrow is still working.  Praise God.  The bad news isn’t too bad.  My hemoglobin levels were down below the threshold where the doctors like to do a blood transfusion but that is not really that surprising given that I have gone two weeks without one.  So tomorrow I will go for a couple of units of blood, during which time I will also meet with my COO, Floyd Brobbel and Jeff Myers of Passing the Baton International.  Jeff is involved in training leaders who are committed to training the next generation of leaders.  We are wanting to see if and how he can integrate some of our teaching on persecution into his material. Could be interesting.  Bet it’ll be his first time having a meeting in a cancer clinic!  Talk about a paradigm shift!

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