Monday, July 27, 2009

Time for an update

I know that I haven’t updated you much on how my health is doing lately.  Quite honestly, there hasn’t been that much to update about, which I guess is a good thing.  I am pretty stable, although there are days like today and yesterday when I haven't felt so great. The humidity here in southern Ontario is probably to blame to that, as it really makes it harder to breath at times, even though we haven’t had much heat this summer to speak of.

My platelet levels continue to rise, praise God!  I did need a blood transfusion last Friday to top me up, as I had gone two weeks without one and my levels dropped below the 80 threshold.   We’ll see how it goes next week.  Again, if you have never donated blood, please do so. You could be saving a life. If you are O positive, it could be me!!

I am thoroughly enjoying working at home more often now, even though it means not having the personal contact with the staff as much.  Certainly not a long term solution to the leadership need of the mission for sure.

Thanks for your prayers.  I’ll try to update later in the week after my next appointment at Credit Valley.


Anonymous said...

Hey, glad to hear your update. I am 0+ but I can't donate blood because they won't let me. I'm too anemic, and it doesn't matter how hard I try to get unanemic, every time I go in and get tested, I'm still anemic. :(

But hey, my husband gives blood and platelets because he's a saint and everything :)


Joe Hendricks said...

Glenn, we're both regularly praying for you and always happy to see an update. I pray the counts are good tomorrow(Thursday) and God grants you a miracle!