Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh joy, oh bliss

Our family lived for a few years in Winkler, Manitoba where I was the associate pastor of a church there.  These were among the happiest years of our lives.  We felt so at home there and made some very good friends, some of whom we are able to keep in contact with. One of our favourite things about Winkler was the absolutely fantastic farmer’s sausage that you could buy there.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to Winkler sausage. I have often wished that we could get it here in Ontario.

Well, last week, a friend of mine was in Manitoba on vacation and was kind enough to stop and buy us four packages of this magnificent meat, this stupendous sausage, this king of kolbasa, this most excellent of eats!  Like the soldiers who heard King David long for the waters of his village (2 Samuel 23:15), Goldstein heard my sighs when I learned he was going to Manitoba and sacrificed some of his time (though, unlike David’s soldiers, not his life) and brought me back the object of my yearning.

But unlike David, I am NOT pouring it out on the ground!!

No, indeed.  Tonight my wife cooked the first of this rich bounty and I swooned in delight.  I truly do not remember if and when the taste of food brought such joy into my life.  I savoured every morsel. As I said to Denita, it is very possible, given my health, that this will be the last time I will ever taste Winkler sausage in my life!

*Sigh* and *smile*


mercygraceword said...

so how much of your pleasure was from the taste, and how much from the memories, and thankfulness?
It's always interesting how our experiences, even culinary ones, are multi-layered.

Glenn Penner said...

Oh, probably all of the above. But it sure did taste good!