Wednesday, July 22, 2009

“Excited” to be cutting your level of service

I received the most curious letter today from the Mississauga Halton Community Care Access Centre. Here is a scan of it.


I have thought for some time now that the word “excited” has tended to be a bit overused nowadays.  I once heard a pastor use the phrase “we’re excited” well over a dozen times in one announcement a few years ago as he was describing the new fall programming. I’m sorry; maybe I am a dour, stick-in-the-mud but I don’t really have the emotional reaction of “excitement” to a lot of things.  Pleased or happy, okay.  Excited?  Much less so.

But this letter I received today is an absolute hoot. It is apparent from the content of the letter that the Mississauga Halton Community Care Access Centre is “excited” to announce that they are cutting back on their service of delivering my medical supplies to my home! Now, we will have the convenience of being able to travel across the city to one of three locations (none of which are anywhere close to our home) to pick up my medical supplies up ourselves and all of which are only open when we are at work.  This excites them!  Yikes!

I guess I don’t share their enthusiastic delight. I’d hate to see what gets them out-and-out thrilled!


Anonymous said...

THank you for posting this letter - it is important for me to know about this type of cut in service. I agree - there is nothing "exciting" in this letter!

Jane E. Meadus
Barrister & Solicitor
Institutional Advocate
Advocacy Centre for the Elderly

Lorraine said...

Climbing the heights to new levels of "exciting" insanity!! Wow, glad you are keeping your sense of humour over this one. Sorry about the exciting new developements in your region!

Glenn Penner said...

Thanks, Lorraine. We'll manage but having been in the communications "business" for so long, I just thought that this letter has absolutely hilarious. Glad they could help in keeping me laughing, eben if it was in a rather back-handed way!