Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  It's hard to believe it is almost 2010 (3 more hours to go)!  Thank you so much for all the concentrated prayers during this Christmas season.  I have really sensed God's presence, and while it has been a hard time, "the joy of the Lord" has been my strength.

I just got back from seeing Glenn.  The past 2-3 days the pain has diminished considerably so the doctor has started lowering his dosage of Methadone.  As the pain is going away on it's own, there will be no need to do a nerve block now, which on one hand is a relief.  For about 3 weeks now, Glenn has been sleeping most of his days and nights away, so as you can imagine he has gotten quite weak.  The last 2 mornings he has had raspy breathing, which is beginning to concern us.  The doctor says his lungs sound clear so far, but we are keeping our eyes on it.  We are hoping that once the Methadone dosage is lowered, Glenn's mind will clear up and he will be able to be awake more and able to think clearly.  Besides that, there really isn't much else to report.

All the best to each of your in the coming year.

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Arla M. said...

It is so good to hear that Glenn's pain is diminishing! I pray that Glenn has the God-given strength to bear whatever comes his way, and if it is God's will, to grant Glenn a full recovery. I just read through Psalm 86, and thought about Glenn's situation. We pray especially vs. 16 for him. May God bless you - Denita, Glenn, and family, and keep you, and make His face shine upon you.

Jim said...

Thanks for the update, Denita. We're continuing to pray. Happy New Year to all of you. Pass along our love to Glenn.

Jim & Twyla

Dieny said...

Thanks so much for the update Denita. Very thankfull that Glen's pain is going away. It has been a pretty brutal journey.
We ask out Heavenly Father for healing for Glen and that he may return to the task he so loves.
Also courage for you and the family Denita
We wish you and your family Blessed New year

Remi said...

Father will keep upholding you and yours in His mercy. My thoughts and prayers remain with you at this most trying times.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Denita and Glenn,

I continue to pray for you and your family and I will keep the persecution blog updated and those who follow that on VOM USA Facebook page.

Love you both!