Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Latest update on Glenn's health

Here is the latest update sent out by my wife:

Another month has passed and another visit to the doctor has come and gone.  We saw the doctor yesterday and Glenn's blood work was still good - the platelets were more normal and the white count o.k.  It would appear from his blood that the CLL (his cancer) is not very active right now. That was a relief for us as Glenn has been battling a cold for at least 3 weeks now and hasn't been feeling very good.  Over the past week, though, he has been starting to feel better.  Probably the biggest symptom he struggles with right now is tiredness.  Since things are going fairly well right now and Christmas is always crazy busy at the clinics, the doctor felt we could wait until mid-January to see him again....almost a two month break!!!! 

As Glenn's condition has stabilized some, we have been wondering again if it might be possible to transfer back to Credit Valley.  Yesterday we asked the doctor if we could revisit that option, and if he wouldn't mind contacting Credit Valley for us again.  Being closer to home would be so much easier, especially when Glenn has to be hospitalized.  The doctor completely agreed with us, but suggested we wait until the busy Christmas season is over.  Please pray that Credit Valley will reconsider taking Glenn and in the new year we will be able to make that switch.

Thank you for all the's been quite a ride.  As it's not likely I will send out another update this year (Lord willing), I trust you will know the Peace and Joy of the Lord at this Christmas season.  May your family times be special and may God's grace be poured out on you as you celebrate the birth of His Son.  God Bless you!!




Stacy Harp said...

Thanks for the update, and even though I am not on here all the time, you are still very near to my heart. :)

I love you all.

Glenn Penner said...

Thanks, Stacy