Sunday, November 2, 2008

I caught a virus! (no, not that kind)

virus_cartoonWell, it's official. I have another cold!  A week ago, I knew that I was coming down with something (it's funny how you get to know your body when your health becomes one of your main priorities, like mine has for the past 6 years).  Feeling sapped throughout the week, as my body tried to fight it off, I cancelled a trip I was to go on, knowing that the extra stress would likely make it worse.  But this morning, as I was ready to head out the door for church, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Coughing, runny nose, sinus pain and chest congestion. Oh the joy of it all!  Lucky for you, I can't pass this virus on through the Internet.

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Charlene Belt Neufeld said...

Glenn and Denita
I just heard about your health concerns. My prayers are with you and your family. Cancer of any kind is not fun. God has taught my family many lessons in cancer of siblings, siblings-in-law,parent, and parent-in-laws. The main theme for us has been to know that God will give us strength to do the things he wants us to do and to pay attention to those who need him more. I hope today will be a good day.