Sunday, January 10, 2010

Video update from the hospital


Anonymous said...

i pray for you,
please i hope you are Catholic

Glenn Penner said...

Interesting comment. Why do you hope that I am Catholic?

aswesow said...

A Heartbeat From Heaven

We are living on the border
Of eternity each day;
We are just as close to Heaven
As the stars so far away.
And the only thing between us,
Whether we are big or small,
Is a tender little heartbeat,
Just a heartbeat,that is all

Just a heartbeat from the glory,
Just a heartbeat, nothing more.
Just a tender little heartbeat,
til we walk the golden shore.
Keep your lamp all trimmed and burning,
Let it shine you'll never fall;
Just a heartbeat from the glory,
Just a heartbeat that is all.

In this land of sin and sorrow,
Whether old or in our prime,
We are only just a heartbeat
From the grave at any time.
No one has a lease on living,
At any moment death may call,
It is only by God's mercy
That we live and breathe at all.

There is a place beyond the river
Where we will lay our burdens down,
Where we will meet our friends and loved ones,
And we will wear a starry crown.
All our troubles will be over
And no tears shall ever fall;
Just a heartbeat from the glory,
Just a heartbeat, that is all.

Don't know why I'm compelled to share that, I guess you reminded me of it. I can't give proper credit to the author. It was on the back of a church bulletin once, and tho I've looked for the author, I never found it. Anyways, God be with you.

Anonymous said...

Гленн, я тоже рядом с тобой. Молюсь о тебе и часто думаю о тебе.

Corey said...

We are praying for you.

Dieny said...

Thanks again for the update
Glen as you are such a faithful servant of our Maker and also the persecuted Christians my prayer is that our Maker will grant you healing and give you and your family strenght and courage
Awesome job on the weblogs
Thanks so much

Remi said...

May Father, by His Spirit pour out His peace, comfort and assurance unto your hearts and strength to your family, especially your wife. My heart is lifted up to the Lord for His mercy and grace unto you and yours.

Jim said...

When I can't come up with anything to say, sometimes I just don't say anything.... But my lack of words means more effort being put into my thoughts and prayers.

I love you Glenn.

Greg Musselman said...

Hey Glenn, Please know the many prayers for you continue to be lifted to the throne. I know how much you like hospital food, so I hope and pray you can get home to Denita's cooking really soon! Blessings,

Michael Jackson said...

Many of your brethren are praying for you, although we all don't post. The Lord is your shepherd and Blessed are you in the eyes of the Lord. Denita and your children are also being lifted in prayer. The lord is right beside you. when you wake up, he is there; when you lay down, he is there. You can not escape his hands; You are his and he will neither leave you nor forsake you.

Lorraine said...

Like Jim, I'm not feeling super eloquent, but I want you to know that I am praying for you -
before the Throne of Grace on the west coast
In Him,

Heidi said...

Glenn and Denita, It was/is so good to see your face. I don't know why but somehow, seeing you makes me so sure that God has a plan and a future for you. I am so sorry for this time of terrible trial and will continue to pray for strength and courage for you.
In Him and In His strength, Heidi (and Joe) Hendricks

Anonymous said...

Hi, Glenn. May God give you all the strength you need to get over this and come home soon so that you could spend your approaching birthday with your family and friends. You are in my thought and prayers.
Yours truly, I.

Anonymous said...

You continue to be in our prayers

Anonymous said...

Mr. Glenn... Saw ur vid.. would love to extend my best wishes & my prayrs ! You are special & chosen one... God is good all the time & there is nothing impossible for Him! Jesus is the Lord.. He is the Jehovah Rapha... the ULTIMATE HEALER... ! He will provide ! God Bless You & your beloved family each day ! Ty 4 everything!

In His Grip - Jk

Anonymous said...

Dear Glen,
I do not know you nor Denita but you are my brother. We will kneel together in heaven as we praise our Lord. Jesus was sent to preach good news to the poor, bind up the brokenhearted, and proclaim freedom for the captives (Is 61:1) I pray for your freedom from this anguish and for strength to endure yet another hour and day.
Sincerely, Mary