Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update from Denita

Thought it was about time to send out another update.  Glenn is still in the hospital.  By and large the pain is under control during the day, as long as the nurses remember to give him his meds on time.  He still does wake up with quite a lot of pain, however, and because of that the doctor really can't cut back on the pain medication he is giving Glenn.  A nerve block is scheduled for Tuesday, so you can pray for that.  We should know in a day or two if it worked, and if so, the doctor is hoping to drastically cut back on the Methadone which should clear Glenn's mind up and help him stay awake more.  Yesterday, Glenn started getting some more congestion in his chest.  This is causing him considerable anxiety and he is terrified of getting pneumonia again.  For now the doctor is keeping his eye on it, but he will not hesitate to put Glenn back on antibiotics if things get worse.  Please pray that the Lord will fill Glenn's mind with peace.  The fear of not being able to breath is preoccupying his thoughts and making it hard for him to concentrate on anything else.

We all really appreciate your thoughts and prayers.  Thank you too for the cards, emails and phone calls.  Your support along with the Lord's grace and strength are seeing us through this difficult time.




Twyla said...

Thank you for the update, Denita. We're definitely praying. I'll pass the information along to my mother who is also praying for all of you.


Darcea said...

Glenn & Denita
My prayers are with you as well, every day is another precious moment together and there is strength in that.

Dieny said...

thanks so much for the update Denita ,your are in my daily prayers for strength and courage for this load your family is carrying. Also that the treatment will be succesful on Tuesday
May He keep you in His care