Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Canadian version of the Axis of Evil

Not one of these guys has been given the mandate to run this country. And so they are trying to seize it, claiming that it is legal. Need we point out that both Lenin and Hitler also came to power constitutionally as leaders of minority parties? So that is hardly a valid argument. Just because something is legal, it does not make it ethical or right.


Anonymous said...

I have officially lost interest in Canadian politics. It is rediculous how these men are acting. Its all about power and money...where do the citizen fit into this equation. Jobs are being lost left and right and people are loosing money but these politicians can't put their differences aside and do that is best for the citizens. I am deeply annoyed by all that is going on. If I had the time and resource to comfortable move to a different country I probably would. Our leaders need to grow up and stop playing with the Canadian people and our money!

Anonymous said...

Sobering thought. Eunice