Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Latest update on Glenn's health

Here's the latest update from Denita sent out to our friends and family:

Hi!  It's been quite a while since I sent an update, so here goes....  About a month ago we met with the doctor and Glenn's platelets and lymphocytes were low so the doctor told Glenn to quit the chemo to see if that would help his blood counts.  Glenn was happy to comply as the chemo drug was making him feel awful in the morning.  After that doctor's visit we went away for 2 1/2 weeks for vacation and we had a wonderful, relaxing and fun time.  Both of us got lots of rest.  We returned from our vacation last Thursday and on Monday we saw the doctor again.  Glenn's platelet count has come up a bit, but his lymphocytes are still below normal so the doctor suggested he stay off the chemo for now and we don't have to go back until the end of November (YEAH!!!).  All in all, Glenn is feeling quite good.  He continues to put in a full week of work.  He does feel like he is coming down with a cold/flu right now, though.  I think our biggest challenge will be getting him past the flu season without getting really sick. 

Besides that, life goes on.  It is nice to settle into a more normal routine right now.  We can almost pretend nothing is wrong.  Thank you for your love and concern.

Till next time...



JoG said...

Glad you had a good time away. I pray that Glenn's strength will return in November.

Virginia said...

Is Glenn able to get a flu shot, or can he not because he is immunosuppressed?
Cousin Virginia (Falk) Olive here - praying for you guys. I am always happy to get your updates.

Glenn Penner said...

Yes, I can, since I am only immunocompromised now (not taking anything to suppress my immunity). I will probably get one this fall