Friday, October 24, 2008

As the birdies fly away

emptynest My wife and I are starting to experience the "empty nest" syndrome.  Well, more accurately, my wife is.  I, being a typically male, am pumping my arm going, "Yes!  Now I can finally get that office I have been wanting.  And no more having to see if the car is still in the driveway!  Freedom!  Finances! Go kid go!  Best of luck and good flying!"

Denita, however, is less enthusiastic.  David (our youngest) moved into his own place while we were on vacation.  I know it's hard for her.  Denita loved being being a mom.  She still does.  Early in the New Year, our oldest two will be moving out. Then it will only be the two of us.  A new stage for both of us, I expect, but more so for my beloved wife.

Now, to scope out David's room to see where my desk will best fit....

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