Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Feeling not so great

The last couple of days haven’t been so great for me. I am feeling short of breath again and my chest feel slightly congested at night. I am hoping that it is not a sign of a new cold or pneumonia again. Wouldn’t that be great! It’s been great feeling good the last few weeks. It’s discouraging to be feeling down again, to be honest.


Twyla said...

Thanks so much for letting us know, Glenn. We're praying for your health, but also praying that the Lord will carry you through the discouragement that comes with the breathing issues.

Your little sis,

Arla M. said...

Hi Glenn. I will probably say what you have already thought of - maybe that flu shot is the culprit. I pray for you daily, that you will have patience in your illness, and if it is God's will, that you have healing, so that you may in health, return to the calling He has given you.

Glenn Penner said...

Yes, my doctor wonders too if perhaps that was it. I am now feeling much better